Oachira Temple is an very ancient temple situated in Oachira,Kollam district, Kerala in South India. As indicated by the Puranas, this temple is one of the popular pilgrim spots of Kerala and India. Oachira is on the fringe of Kollam and Alappuzha districts, by the National Highway 66. This very ancient pilgrimage center is centered on the Para Brahma temple that is devoted to the Para Brahman or Param Brahman or Ohmkaram (The Universal Consciousness) and covers thirty six acres of land.

Ward and Conner, two British authorities entrusted to survey Travancore in the start of the nineteenth century, mentioned their objective facts about Oachira in their report. In the report it was clarified that there was an extremely old and harmed pagoda on the eastern side of the Padanilam. It was also disclosed that there was a large reservoir at the center of the vast ground on which the temple stands, (which was now known as Kallukettuchira), and which is outside the temple compound today.


There is an interesting legend about the origin of the Oachira Temple. There was a great Namboothiri devotee somewhere in the north. He had a servant to help in his poojas. It was the usual practice of the Namboothiri to sit in Pooja for a long time. One day his servant Unnikkoran Nair (Akavoor Chathan) asked him what he was praying for. Namboothiri told him that he was worshiping for the Parabrahma. Then Unnikkoran Nair(Akavoor Chathan) enquired how shape the Parabrahma was. Sarcastically the Namboothiri told him that the Parbrahama is like a “Madan Pothu”(Bufallo). There after Unnikoran Nair (Akavoor Chathan) also worshiped Parabrahma in the shape of “ Madan Pothu”(Bufallo). Parabrahma took the shape of “Madan Pothu” (Bufallo) and blessed the innocent devotee.

Highlight Point

When we think about oachira temple, it can be seen that the Human Body is the Temple, Worshipers the God’s Servants, Truth the Pooja Heart Shiva Linga, Love and Prayer , The Ghee and Milk Offerings of the devotees.

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