Oachira Kali

“Oachira Kali” is a well known custom performed here during June and it includes taunt battling in sloppy water by conventional military craftsmanship specialists.

Oachira Kali was really a war practice performed yearly by warriors of Kayamkulam Raja. Close-by, around 108 Kalaries were in 52 karas up to the start of the twentieth century. Warriors having a place with the above Karas got together at Oachira in the Malayalam month of Mithunam consistently and performed war-like activities. This is what is called Oachira Kali. During the times of the Kayamkulam Raja, Oachira Kali was begun after the gifts of adjacent Nambiathiris, high request Nambudiri Brahmins, having the information of Dhanurveda (the art of arms) who were additionally specialists in Smrithy Sasthras.

Oachira Kali is being held on first & second day of Midhuna Masam of every year. Many people come from different parts of South India to watch and tookpart in the festival.

The participants attending the war game(kali), in the leadership of Kaliaasans (war leaders), take positions in the oachira temple ground(padanilam) early. Traditionally, they stand in the ground east and west as per the instructions of Gurukkans(war leaders). In the leadership of the temple authorities and Kara Pramughans, with the blessings of parabrahma the warriors (players) enter the ettukandam to start the fight.To witness the war-game, enormous people from the far and wide encircle the field.

Sticks, swords and shields are the weapons of the warriors. The war fighters spend hours in fight with the enemy warriors in the muddy fields.”THEE = THEE-THEAI: is the sound slogan of the players.

Irupathattam Onam (28th Onam)

"Irupathattam onam"(28th day of Onam followed by Thiruvonam) is likewise celebrated. It is also the celebration of dairy cattle. In this celebration, enormous "Eduppu Kala" (colossal icons of bull made of cloth & hay) are made. They are then pulled on goliath wheels to the Oachira Temple from the site (their on kara’s) where they are made. Typically there are around 152 such structures. It is the greatest celebration in "Onattu Kara" which is a territory of a couple of square miles.

Vrischikalosavam (12th Vilakku, 12th Lamp)

Oachira Vrischikam Festival is celebrated during November and December.During the 12 days of vrischikam month (Vrishcikam1-12th day)the devotes sit in worship to get the blessings of Parabrahama and to wash off their sins. During this period, they spent their time in the huts (parnashalas) specially made in the temple premises, enchanting stotras and mantras.

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